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April 09, 2019

One reason why we travel is to show off.  Don’t deny it.  It is at least a part of why we bother to send postcards from far-flung locations.  “Wish you were here.”  But, really we mean, “glad to be here and don’t mind if you know it.”  The farther-flung, the more exotic, the more exclusive the location, the greater the bragging rights…  Read More

August 08, 2018.

Bhutan is becoming one of the worst-kept travel secrets in the world. Once closed to tourism and to outside influences, Bhutan is now open for travel and for modern development. Its days of isolation are over and travelers can now reap the benefits of this … Read More

September 01, 2018.

The bump of the car against the rough road heading away from Paro town woke me up. We had now started our journey towards the starting point of the hike to Chumophug Nye (Nye- sacred site). A Nye is simply a rock with some patterns … Read More

September 01, 2018.

Many travelers to Bhutan, in the rush to tour the country and to try and see all that this spectacular country has to offer, hurry through Thimphu. As towns go, it is on the small side, so many assume that it can be “done in … Read More


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