• Paro / 4 hrs
You will begin by driving to Chelela pass, which is at 3990m the highest motor able road in Bhutan. Walk along the ridge adorned with thick fluttering prayer flags. You can also gain good merit by fixing your own prayer flag if you have brought one with you. On the ridge is the breathtaking views of valleys of Paro and Haa on the either side of the pass.
Thick Rhododendron bush and many flowers adorn the mountain slope making your walk along the trail more enchanting. There is also an opportunity to spot Blue poppy and many more varieties of plants making this hike a botanical tour. Climbing higher up the ridge will take you to Gungkarpo (4600m), where you will find sky burial spot. The trail then descends abruptly through opened natural meadow and enters thick forest of silver fir and broad leaved Rhododendrons trees finally coming out to Khela Gompa Nunnery. These magnificent clusters of temples have been home for nuns for many years.
  • Paro / 1.5 hrs

After an elaborate visit to the national museum, you will climb of about 20 minutes above the Museum and then levels along the slope with spectacular view of Paro valley below. As you walk along the trail you will have an opportunity to witness the landing and taking off of Drukair which would remind you of the exciting landing you had earlier. The aircraft skimming down the tall hills or rising abruptly high is an nerve-breaking exercise for the pilots.

It is also a good opportunity to take pictures of Paro valley including the Rinpung Dzong, Airport, Paro town and the surrounding mountains. This beautiful hike serve as acclimatization and adaptation for the trek if you have to undergo the next day.

  • Thimphu / 5 hrs

An adrenalin-pumping adventure in Phochu river in Punakha. Drive above Thimphu city, pass Mothithang area and drop by the Takin Reserve to see our national animal Takin, which is endemic only to Himalayan ranges. The unique animal supposed to have the body of a cow and head of a goat, is believed to have been created by Divine Madman out of his super natural power. The peace road finishes at broadcast tower, which further up is adorned by fluttering prayer flags.

The view of south Thimphu from here is superb. The trail heads up for a while and detour to right through apple orchard and few farm houses above the trail. From here the trail drops down gently through oak, blue pine and rhododendron until you will reach Wangditse monastery. The view of Tashichodzong, Thimphu city, and Buddha statue is stunning from here. The trail from here switches back towards broadcast tower following a bicycle trail.

  • Thimphu / 3 - 4 hrs

This is one of the most picturesque hikes in the Thimphu region. On clear days, one can enjoy 360° view of the breathtaking Himalayan mountain ranges from the top of Lungchutse goenpa to the extreme north.

Once you are at the Dochula Pass (3140m), walk to the south of the mani wall and Chorten. Head up the ridge through cattle trails until you find recognisable Homo sapiens trail. You will then follow up the ridge through a forest of hemlock, birch and rhododendrons until reaching an open meadow, where yak herders camp in winter. Next, you will enter into forest of moss-covered rhododendrons, gigantic hemlocks, junipers, and bamboo undergrowth. A small trail leads you the last 50 meters past a row of fluttering prayer flags up to Lungchutse temple surrounded by prayer flags on heavily logged slopes. After a brief visit to the temple, you will descend through the trail to the left just 150 meters below Lungchutse, leading to 18th century Trashing goenpa an important mediation centre. The trail leading down from the front of the temple zigzags steeply down the side of the mountain until farm road which takes you up to the main road, where your car will drive you to Thimphu.

  • Paro / 3 hrs

You will be dropped of at Dungtse Lhakhang in the Paro valley where your hike starts. Climb steadily through cattle grazing area with sparsely grown pine woods and oak trees. As you get higher the vegetation gets thicker and view of Paro valley below gets better and better that you will spend good amount of time gazing at the amazing view below. You can see the fertile fields dotted with farm houses spread all across the valley.

You might also see Drukair manoeuvring through gorges and making tremendous effort to rise above the mountains. After a short stretch climb you will lead to an open meadow and to the monastery. The monastery houses for 200 monks.

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