• 14 - 15 October, 2019
  • Paro

Jumolhari Mountain Festival, held in October, is an exquisite event that unfolds at the base of Mt. Jumolhari which is close to the Northern Tibet border. The objective of the festival is to celebrate the snow leopard and raise awareness on the importance of its conservation. This region is assigned as one of the main habitats for this endangered cat in Bhutan.

It is a joyous event where highlanders from four different communities, Soe, Yaksa, Nubri and Lingshi, gather to commemorate their rich culture, tradition and unique livelihood by means of cultural performances, traditional activities such as dart and horse riding and also sampling of their delicacies. Revere this unique culture with the locals with a magnificent backdrop of Mt. Jumolhari.

Laya village in Gasa is a mystical place that lies between the grand peaks of Gangchen Tag, Tshendengang and Masangang. This humbling place is one of Bhutan’s many hidden gems in the North bordering Tibet. The action packed Laya run takes place in the span of two days, where runners will cover 27km the first day and 25km the next. The route passes through the gates of Gasa Town to Panjothang and along the banks of the Mo Chhu (river). It finally ends at Langothang, Laya, on the second day. The Epic Laya run promotes running as a sport and also offers an opportunity for people to learn and experience the life of nomads.

This epic run culminates in the enchanting Royal Highland Festival. The Festival celebrates the rich culture and tradition of the Layaps, or the people of Laya, showcased through traditional songs and dances. The celebration also rejoices the unique livelihood of the nomads depicted through competitions of yaks, mastiffs and horses. An elaborate display of yak produce, highland agricultural techniques and medicinal herbs and plants remains yet another highlight of the festival.

Mountain Echoes is a three-day one of a kind literary festival in Asia held in Thimphu, Bhutan. It gathers notable writers, poets, film-makers, scholars, artists, politicians, saints, environmentalists, social workers and biographers from around the world to participate in immersive dialogues on different subjects.

Organized under the royal patronage of Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck the festival aims to share, disseminate and learn from one’s knowledge base, experience and expertise.

Tour of the Dragon is an ultra-marathon mountain bike race that only takes place in the Kingdom of Bhutan. The 268 km race is known to be one of the most difficult one-day mountain bike races in the world. Starting off in Bumthang, traveling over 4 mountain passes (Kiki La 2870m, Yotong La 3434m, Pele La 3430m, Dochu La 3150m) and closing in Thimphu town square, it is an extremely challenging and exhilarating bike race.

Recently, biking has witnessed a growth in popularity in Bhutan. Accommodated with fresh air, limited traffic and scenic highways such biking adventures provides an extraordinary experience for all. Tour of the Dragon offers an amazing opportunity to tour through this beautiful Himalayan Kingdom.

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