We have compiled as many common questions as possible those are being asked by our guests – please let us know if you have any specific questions not here and wish to know.

  1. Are there stray dogs in Bhutan? Yes. Being a buddhist country we never harm dogs – they are left around eating left over foods from nearby houses and restaurants. Government is trying to do something on reducing dog population but its not so effective. Having said that, its not a major issue. Some guest complains of dog barking at night but you can sleep well if you come with a pair of ear-plug.
  2. Do we have to get any vaccinations for travelling to Bhutan? No. Not at the moment. Although The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in their website advices host of injections, you are not required to get any specific injections for travel to Bhutan unless you come from disease infected area. However you may like to talk to your doctor before coming to Bhutan.
  3.  Will there be mosquitoes in the places we are going? Mosquitoes are endemic to southern part of Bhutan where it has warm tropical climate. Since few years, we have been seeing mosquitoes even in upper northern valleys where our tours are being run. Mosquitoes appear in warmer months and if your tour happens to be on this time, you can come with mosquito repellents cream. Most hotels have a mosquito repellant fluids fitted to a power socket to keep away. Hotel windows have screen so that you can open windows and keep your door closed.
  4.  Is it safe to drink tap water in Bhutan? You are advised to drink only bottled water. Tap water can be used for washing and brushing your teeth. Does not mean that tap water is infected, its only because your system is not used to our air and water like we locals.
  5. Can the tissue paper in the hotel be thrown inside toilet pot? Yes, you can. It gets dissolved in water easily.
  6. What souvenirs or handicrafts are genuinely Bhutanese? One must be careful while shopping as handicraft stores may have mixed goods. Canvas paintings, mud statues, textiles and wood crafts are genuine products from Bhutan. You may also like to buy Bhutanese stamps.
  7. What kind of water we expect on trek? While on trek, you will be supplied with boiled water. If you wish, you can add your treatment tablets but its not necessary. You will not drink stream water as the sources could be polluted by animal faeces.
  8. What type of adapters and power sockets are used in Bhutan? In most of the hotels, you will find the both round pin and square pin plugs. If necessary, you can use converter to fit in any specs.
  9. Can we use ATMs and credit cards in Bhutan? Yes. You can use ATMs in airports, hotels and in towns. Many hotels and high end handicraft shops accept payment through credit cards but at times it gives problem due to fluctuating network.
  10. Where do you recommend to change money in Bhutan? If your tour starts right after you are being received at the airport, its recommended you get your money changed at the airport before you some out of the terminal building. There is a Bank of Bhutan counter inside the terminal building. Otherwise you can change either in bank of in hotels while the later may not give you the same rate as in Bank.
  11. Where can we buy Bhutanese SIM cards? You can buy sim cards either in phone outlets in town or at the airport. There is a small sim card counter just before you exit the terminal building. You will get some talk time and data can be added up later.
  12. What happens if my passport gets stolen or lost in Bhutan? Although Bhutan is nick named as the land of the peaceful dragon, you must take universal precaution. Theres not embassy (other than India, Bangladesh and Thai Consulate), its going to be a bit cumbersome. Bhutan makes informal contact with the US government through the embassy in New Delhi.
  13. Which side of the plane should we opt for while flying into Bhutan? Left while flying in and right window while flying out of Bhutan. Flight from Kathmandu is the most spectacular with views of mount Everest and other peaks.
  14. Is there any online check-in facility? It will convenient if you buy your flight tickets from the same company you book your trip. They will be able to do online check-in for you.
  15. Is it necessary to keep a day gap in between the outgoing flight from Bhutan and your connecting flight? Yes. Although Bhutan flights are always on time, you are advised to keep at least a day gap incase of unforeseen events.
  16. What temperature do we expect during our tour? December to February – Max 12 degree, Min 6 degree, Night negative 6 to 8 degree. March to May – Max 26 degree, Min 18 degree, Night 0 to Negative 2 degree June to August – Max 32 degree, Min 20 degree, Night 6 to 8 degree. September to November – Max 10 degree, Min Negative 4 to 6 degree.
  17. Do hotels we stay in has Wifi facility? Yes. All hotels in have free Wifi facility.
  18. What mode of payment transfer you use? We accept your payment through wire transfer. We found this mode of transfer safer than the payment through visa cards. Further Bhutanese banks charge high transfer fee for the payment made via credit cards.

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